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New Projekt.

2009-11-21 13:48:54 by alix1

Its gonna be awesome. I am doing a voice acting projekt. :) This isn't gonna be how I actually talk when I'm sane but its how I feel right now so I think its gonna be some real HARD, juicy, sticky fun! :) I love you NewGrounds! I'll probably be done with the song tonight!

Mac OS 8 Project

2009-04-05 02:26:14 by alix1

Well I have been working on a flash version of Mac OS 8 lately. It has been going very well so far. I have quite a few apps working and an 'about this mac' :) It is gonna be good.

Here is a screeny.

Mac OS 8 Project

My Desktop!

2009-01-31 23:42:44 by alix1

Okies. So this is my desktop. I run Ubuntu Linux 8.10. I made it look like Mac OS X Leopard. How do you guys think it looks? I had to the screenshot a .gif so the folders are a bit messed up.. now it is a .jpg file...

My Desktop!

soo i got bored at work and i had some play-doh with me. soooo i made a guy out of play-doh.

omg... i got soooo bored at work today...


2009-01-29 21:34:04 by alix1

I have a new song called ICED TEA BABY!

Please listen and review!!!!!!! /208201 /208201 /208201 /208201 /208201 /208201 /208201 /208201

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lol you been rick rolled.

Molto Vivace

2008-11-24 16:58:24 by alix1

This is the output of 2 days work NONSTOP. It is Beethovens 9th symphony 2nd movement. (Molto Vivace)
Woot! I'm tired as HELL right now so im gonna post this and get some sleep!

Molto Vivace

Runescape Music!!!!!

2008-11-22 21:15:31 by alix1

Listen and review!!! /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195 /189195


2008-11-14 20:33:45 by alix1

Lately I have been working on a program. It is called "Start Rebuilder V.1" It takes the MS Windows Start Menu and makes it more organized. It is still command line but I am planning in the future to make a GUI. I'm thinking on "V.2" I will have a GUI.

In other news I just got Bumptop installed. It is VERY awesome.
You will see it in the screen shot I have attached.
watch the video on You tube.

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OK. New Info.

2008-09-05 23:45:46 by alix1

OK. I have new info and I am gonna try to make this post as long as my short attention span can.

Date: Friday September 05 (End at 10:45 or 22:45 Central Time)


Today I took off my song "Preludium and Fugue"
I am gonna remake it so it is better. It was in two parts and i'm gonna try to make it one part.

I am trying to think of a song to do either while I finish this up or after. (It will only happen after if I get P & F done fast). I really would like a suggestion. but it is OK if I don't get any.


For a while now I have been working on a website and I am planning on making a web server.
It will be just a site for my music and it will have a compilation of all my favorite flashes, music, pics, etc.
Once it is done it will be (This link will work someday!)


At school (for the past week) we have been working on learning "Subnetting a subnet" That was some of the hardest shit** I have ever seen. Then I found a flash video that helped a LOT

**Pardon my french.


I have gotten bored with this so I will go work on something else. Bye! Please reply about the song! (But you don't have to if you don't want to.)

Date: Sunday September 08 (End at 12:26 or 24:26)

OK now. I am ready to type some more.
I have a new pic that is set as my user pic so I will leave it in this post so you can read it.
Here * Looks below these words* Look Who Has A Number On His Hand! I Think That Was Brooke's number.

OK. New Info.